Air conditioning in winter boot considerations

Recently the arrival of cold air is really makes us feel cold, raided air-conditioning and heating time not to, many of my friends can't resist, had to turn on air conditioning. It is understood that at idle after a fall, boot again, many friends will feel at home air conditioning performance anomalies, not smell gross is buzzing. Here, the editors bring you some considerations of air conditioning power, interested friends may wish to know.
1, observe the machine outside with no obstructions, remove the hood, clean outdoor unit nearby items.
2, open indoor enclosure observe machine filter free of dust and odor, please clean the filter regularly.
cleaning filter network of method:
①, and first cut power;
II, and open Panel (Cabinet type machine with into wind gate fixed screws should first unloading off screws Hou, open into wind gate);
③, and out filter network;
II, and cleaning filter network (with hair brush type vacuum cleaner dust Hou, again with water wash NET, too dirty has oil Shi, with except dirt agent or neutral SOAP water cleaning, with water filter NET Hou, dry loaded good);
⑤, and note don't with 40 ℃ above of hot cleaning.
3, plug in 3-5 minutes, set the remote control in the refrigeration mode, temperature setting in the lowest condition, power on the run (best in the midday and afternoon trial).
4, air conditioning running, speed switch is set in the remote control runs on different stalls, observed within the machine if there is abnormal noise.
5, power on running about 15 minutes observe the outdoor unit fan is running, outside the machine if there is abnormal noise.
6, power on running a 30 minute indoor unit air outlet there are no cold air, the outdoor unit there is no condensation water outlet pipe flow, the water is smooth.
7, air conditioner operation appears normal:
① occasional crackling sound or plastic: it was due to the hot and cold air conditioning refrigeration operation within the Panel encountered swelling caused by, does not affect the normal use.
II, a gas outlet or the sound of running water: refrigerant flow, evaporation, producing sound.
③ white smoke blowing from inside out: indoor air humidity is too large, is produced by air cooling condenser, which is the normal phenomenon.
II, blade or pipeline water: indoor humidity, low temperature caused by secondary condensation, neiji level swept as far as possible, keep indoor air open.
⑤ a water drops outside bare tube, fittings: water molecules in the air condenses to form, which is the normal phenomenon.
f, frequency conversion air conditioner outdoor unit sound larger small: this is due to variable-frequency air conditioning air conditioning compressor running frequency changes.