Refrigerator ice plug method

Refrigerator ice plug phenomenon:
fridge ice generally in the capillary plugging outlet port, mainly for: the refrigerator is not cooling, back into the pipe temperature is not cold. Sometimes the freezer, and half the cream, hand touch frosted part of the recovery is long. Now more intelligent refrigerator with high voltage protection device, it is the use of high pressure cut-off valve to control high and low voltage, if soon there will be high pressure protection, after waiting for the Frost to melt pressure cycled again.
refrigerator ice barrier solutions:
Open the cooling system and released R12 or R134a refrigerant gauges, and connect the pipe, open the freezer door. Using hair dryer heating evaporator and condenser, heating time, replace the filter drier, vacuum pump, start the vacuum, vacuum -0.1PA. Add refrigeration gauges, sealed refrigeration system leak test with phenolphthalein solution, power on runs 1 hour, normal operation, such as normal, so air conditioning maintenance is completed. If this occurs, please restart this!