How television can really save energy

With the implementation of flat-panel TVs energy efficient sign implementing rules, consumers are also increasingly focus on flat-panel TV energy-saving issues, real measured among TVs of the same size, the power consumption of the most energy-efficient products for the least energy-efficient products of 1/4, quite obviously, what could we do to make LCD TVs in your home more energy efficient?
first of all, of course, is to choose energy-efficient LED backlight LCD TV now, LCD TV, equipped with LED backlight products to many than other ordinary products equipped with CCFL Backlight and, of course, there are some CCFL Backlight LCD TV energy-saving effect is very good, but average compared with LED backlight LCD TV is far less.
second best option with automatic LCD backlight adjustment feature, which can sense ambient light conditions and select the appropriate screen brightness according to the characteristics of the screen contents. For example, in a dark environment, the backlight brightness is reduced, when the room is bright, backlight brightness will get bigger, can achieve dynamic energy saving effect. In addition, through practical testing, is equipped with a LCD TV with respect to power LCD TV with constant, in terms of energy saving performance better.
in addition to the above two techniques, to LCD TVs more energy efficient, idle power off of the TV to eliminate standby power consumption, and will always be important, such as adjusting the volume.