Air conditioning how to save electricity

In fact, and the use of air conditioning in the summer, many of my friends worried that air conditioning will also appear in the process of high power consumption. So how can we quickly and efficiently saving? Today, I will give you a warm fall/winter air conditioning use interpretation. Interested friends may wish to take a look.
1. carefully regulate the room temperature refrigeration 1 degrees centigrade higher, low 2 c when heating, saves more than 10%, and hardly feel the temperature difference.
2. regularly clean the filter. Dust can clog the filter mesh should be cleaned once a half months.
3. open doors and Windows as little as possible, using thick, translucent curtains reduce heat exchange inside and outside of the room, to save electricity.
4. do not block the air outlet of the outdoor unit. Otherwise it will reduce the heating effect, a waste of electricity.
5. Select appropriate wind angle. Cold air is heavier than air and sinks, warm current, on the other hand, cooling air outlet the up and down when heating, temperature efficiency is greatly improved.
6. set control switch on the machine and the use of State. When on, setting high heat to quickly reach the temperature control purposes. Suitable temperature, change in low wind, reduce energy consumption and reduce noise.