Computer most susceptible to cervical bone hyperplasia

What are the symptoms of cervical spondylosis 1. Neck type: complained of head, neck, and shoulder pain, abnormal sensation, and accompanied by the appropriate tender points. Characterized by neck stiffness, discomfort, pain and activity is not flexible, and this is the most common type. 2. nerve root type: patient's hand or arm numbness, pain and grip weakened, sometimes even some think not, seriously ill, pain difficult to sleep through the night. 3. vertebral artery type: patients ' symptoms are migraines, dizziness, chest pain or tightness in the chest,. And neck rotation about each time the Vertigo. 4. sympathetic: clinical performance for dizziness, Vertigo, tinnitus, hemp, tachycardia, chest pain and other symptoms of sympathetic nervous.
long-term engaged in accounting, and writing, and typing, and Office, career of staff, due to long-term bow desk work, makes cervical long time in buckling bit or some specific position, not only makes neck disc within of pressure increased, and also makes neck muscle long-term in non-coordination by force State, neck Hou Department muscle and ligament easy by led pulled strained, vertebral body front mutual wear, and hyperplasia, again plus reverse, and side flexor excessive, further led to injury, easily occurred cervical disease. Office staff first in a sitting position should remain natural sitting position, hips and back to full contact Chair, exhibition after the shoulders, shoulder line and parallel to the edge of the table, spine straight and both feet on the ground. Adjust the Chair height appropriate to their height of best, make eyes look at the computer screen, and your shoulders relaxed. Avoid neck flexion or excessive backward to reduce fatigue in the neck caused by sitting for a long time.
further reading: self massage exercise prevention of cervical spondylosis
1. massage best: with the middle finger and index finger in the middle of the head the highest point Baihui, from light to heavy pressing 20~30 times. Effects: brain ningshen, beneficial gas-solids removal. 2. head: hands were placed in the frontal part of the thumb on either side of the temple, and other four fingers apart, placed on both sides of the head, rubbing both hands at the same time hard 20~30. Effect: clearing brain and eyesight, be inspired. 3. pressing the wind pool: respectively by the thumb on the ipsilateral fengchi (neck depressions on either side), and the remaining fingers attached to the sides of the head, from light to power 20~30 rubbing. Function: expelling wind and cold, opening into the pain. Self massage exercise prevention of cervical spondylosis 4. long neck muscle: the left (right) hand and placed on the back of the neck, the thumb placed on the ipsilateral lateral, the remaining four fingers in the cervical muscle on the side, hands, neck muscles and lift to relax after along fengchi point handle downward to dazhui acupoint 20~30 times. Efficacy: spasm pain, improving blood circulation. Self massage fuck 5 prevention of cervical spondylosis. Press the shoulder: the left (right) hand finger pulps to the contralateral jianjing (at the midpoint of the vertebra and shoulder lines, shoulder muscles), and then press 10~20 from light to heavy, alternating sides. Efficacy: dredge, cold and pain. Self massage exercise prevention of cervical spondylosis 6. massage dazhui: left (right) hand and four fingers in back, repeatedly massaging dazhui (located below the largest vertebrae of the cervical spine in the neck after the gap) the 20~30, from a fever as well, alternating sides. Function: expelling wind and cold, and activating blood circulation to remove obstruction. Prevention cervical disease self massage fuck 7. on by within, and outside shut: with left (right) hand thumb pointed put in right (left) hand within shut points (Palm cross lines above 2 inch, two tendon Zhijian), middle finger put in on side of outside shut points (within shut points opposite), while on collection forced by rubbing 0.5-1 minutes, hands alternating for. Efficacy: ningxin tongluo, wide chest. 8. pinch rub hegu: left (right) hand and thumb finger on the other hand hegu (Tiger), pinch the thumb rub 10~20 times, both hands alternately. Function: expelling wind to relieve superficies, opening into the wake. Prevent cervical disease self massage fuck 9. brush head: hands fingers slightly curved, respectively on the both sides of the head, a little pressure before the hairline along the head to head "hair"-20~30. Functions: refreshing eye catching, clearing brain and analgesic. Rehabilitation exercises can improve the circulation of blood in the neck, loose adhesive and spasm of the soft tissues. No may play a role in prevention of cervical spondylosis. Position: with feet shoulder-width apart, arms down and relax, eyes straight forward, even breathing, station can be. 1. look around: head first right turn to the left, and should be, to consciously soreness as well, 30 times. 2. nod: before then, bent neck try to reach before long, 30 times. 3. Rotary shoulder shujing: both hands placed on both sides of the shoulders, palms down, his arms forward spin after the first 20-30, then rotate from front to back 20-30. 4. head: head spin 5 times after the previous right to the left, and then rotate in the opposite direction 5. 5. the first Palm resistance: hands folded close to the back of the neck, head and neck, head and neck back, resisting 5 times with each other. 6. hands: hand over, Palm up, look up the back 5 seconds
usually need to pay attention to good habits:
1. Sitting correctly: to prevent the occurrence of cervical, posture is the most important to be correct, neck and shoulders relax, remain the most comfortable and natural position. Office workers, should also stand up and pace from time to time, activity of neck and shoulder, neck and shoulder muscles to relax.
2. Active neck: worked 1-2 hours, purposefully made the head and neck to turn around several times, rotation should be soft, slow, in order to achieve the maximum range of motion in all directions prevail. Cervical joint ease fatigue.
3. Up distance: when long time see, in particular, is in a down state, affecting both the cervical vertebrae and cause eye fatigue or induced refractive. Therefore, after each desk too long, should be up to in the distance looking for half a minute or so. This can eliminate fatigue, and cervical health.
4. Sleep: sleep not sleep over, witness the pillow can not be too high, or too low. Pillow: Center should be slightly concave, neck pillow and help retain slightly backwards and not suspended. Used side-who should make pillows and at shoulder height. When sleeping, don't read in bed. Not to the head and neck and blowing cold air.
5. To avoid injury: to avoid and reduce acute cervical spine injury, avoid hard to lift heavy things, slamming on the brakes.
6. Cold wet: wind, cold, wet, avoid the surcharge for early morning chill in the shower hit. Patients with cervical diseases often associated with cold, wet season is closely related to climate change. Chill the local vasoconstriction, blood flow decreased and the Organization of metabolism and blood circulation. Going out in winter should wear a scarf or Turtleneck Sweater to wear to prevent wind and cold to his neck.
7. Infection prevention: active treatment of cervical infections and other diseases of the neck.


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