Service process
First step
service call our service throughout Shandong, around the city have points, city offers door-to-door service, suburbs only charge an appropriate door fee, this is a great convenience for customers. So, when your appliance has failed, please don't bother. Call our 24-hour toll-free hotline 4006-586-555 or regional calls, solve problems!
electrical fault description electrical repair the failure, in order to send the right person to solve your troubles. You describe the appliance type, brand, model, symptom, as well as your contact information and address, if left the route, we will be able to provide faster and more convenient door-to-door service.
reservation services, you will need depending on your timing and scheduling arrangements we discuss an appropriate onsite service time.
fourth step
about home services will comply with the door-to-door service time, arrive at the specified location.
boot failure to facilitate the case, we will first test the electrical fault, for symptomatic troubleshooting.

checks general maintenance technician after the sixth step testing and troubleshooting, check out the electrical fault.
forecast requirements in full before you troubleshoot, first reported the cause, and report the costs required to repair this fault, so that you can be aware of. Give it up while you can because the price exceeds the budget maintenance. If the repair, we are not in charge (except in the case of the previously scheduled appointment).
the eighth step
serious troubleshooting   If you agree that the service requirements, we will repair it for you as soon as the machine until fault remove.
Nineth step
boot acceptance after troubleshooting, you can power on the acceptance, until you feel satisfied.
fill the warranty voucher in order to solve your worries, we will leave the service provided by vouchers, noted above, the results of failure, repair, maintenance, warranty, as well as our company's services and complaints.
cleaning service field service at this point is not over, we will clean up the crime scene, as maintenance of waste, reduction for maintenance before moving items.

the end of the 12th step service to this, thank you for your support of our service! If you have any other needs, we will continue to provide satisfactory service.