About Us

Hangzhou fast appliance repair center is a comprehensive home appliance repair center, for more than 10 years, repair center master, the spirit of "technology for dinner, make money in all conscience" services philosophy! Community has been very well received and appreciated by many departments and customers! Hangzhou Hangzhou fast appliance repair, appliance repair, Hangzhou Hangzhou, appliance repair, appliance repair, appliance repair phone, Hangzhou, Hangzhou air conditioning repair, Hangzhou Hangzhou, TV repair, washing machine repair, Hangzhou Hangzhou air conditioner, refrigerator repair, transfer machines, Hangzhou Hangzhou gas cooker, water heater repair, maintenance, Hangzhou range hood repair numerous correcting hidden troubles of the former maintenance staff! We are looking for truth, test technical parameters, need is the normal operation of the machine! 100% customer satisfaction!
company workers have two years experience in air conditioning repair, air conditioning in parts from the manufacturer, with many years of domestic and commercial air conditioning professional installation, maintenance experience and qualification, knowledge of performance, maintenance, and management of air conditioning equipment, with excellent professional skills and services.
home repair home appliances have become a new fast service, we provide you with on-site repair service. Spirit of faith for this, the quality of survival purposes; with professional technology, won a good reputation and meticulous service, honed in the repair industry for many years, constant heart rate management best practices. Technically true maintenance of each classification has excellent technique talented person, has a very accurate and efficient maintenance and repair capabilities. Strive to achieve household visits. Also equipped with a number of service vehicles on standby, can achieve a FTTH services in Hangzhou.